Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Benedetto da Maiano, Madonna and Child, c. 1475,
Samuel H. Kress Collection, National Gallery of Art,
Washington, DC

Original thinkers are something rare these days but were probably always pushing ideas forwards that have not been got to. Challenging perceived notions of worship to God is something that has caused a great deal of pain through battle and should not be necessary where dialogue could reach a more peaceful result to the same ideas. It should not be a curse to think or be intelligent and should be taken seriously when needed. Love is a notion of feeling in your heart supplied to you via the golden light of Christ to ascend those angelic principles attained on earth to the greater glory of God. We are given a chance to heal our wounds and work for ourselves or upon the self to obtain the Heaven and joy that should be on earth as well as through the last door to join the Heaven on High. One feels with some people the angels are singing when they joined the earth or were born, especially with Settignano and Donatello.

Niccolo dell'Arca, Lamentation, c. 1485, 
S. Maria della Vita, Bologna