Friday, August 9, 2013

Page 61


So, the oyster of God would not be Satan or anything evil but would be like a Saint. Why do people crucify Saints? Is this because they cannot reach anything Saintly within themselves or just because they are evil and nasty. And they would not be welcome to the lowest common denominator if such were to occur on earth. There is only room for so many individuals in Heaven and then there are the people who do not realize Heaven could be for all if they could only find love in their hearts. If you do something that takes you down to Hades all you have to look forwards to is possible redemption. So, perhaps like species of birds, there are species of humans. One can only presume there is a difference between those who know good and those who only know evil. Surely there is a difference. However, only if you have been endowed with God looking for your love will you understand there is something to look forwards to in life. One can only live in hope that the people right down the bottom will find God rather than Satan.