Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Page 79

Fra Angelico, 
Madonna with Child Surrounded by Angels and Saints, 
c. 1427, Pinacoteca Vaticana, Vatican City

Those who find love in their hearts are blessed with Gods divine love but those who cannot are probably not responding. One wonders why some people can love God so deeply they find themselves buried in the darkness and others although dark in spirit cannot find the right domain or special connection to the light of God. We are all given a heart but few tend to use this wisely and those blessed with earthly love find this under a rosebush. Just as we find the harbour full of fishes we find the love of God in an apple tree or the bees for the blossom. The garden of love is where God will take us.

Fra Angelico, The Coronation of the Virgin, 
c. 1434-1435, 
Uffizi Gallery, Florence