Sunday, August 18, 2013

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Andrea Mantegna, St. Sebastian, 
c. 1456-1459, 
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

So, when you are this close to God one does not need to especially achieve anything other than the last equation of Christ. Hell is not somewhere for gorgeous divine angels to frequent. However, only those bloodlines who cannot find anything sacred in their hearts would be exposed to Hades and sacred people even though sometimes they would journey down there would be looking for a different road to God. This isn't anywhere where you would be taken to empty the rubbish from your heart even if you were sacred. The abyss is not for suckers and those who are not sacred would not have one to thrash around in. Most would not want anyone anywhere near there abyss or even have anyone know of the existence of one but would definitely have to traverse their own abyss to make an effort to be sacred. Traversing your own abyss is a very unusual pastime but one you would feel most sacred people would have to carry through to make an acquaintance. Especially with the house of God or anyone with a sacred purpose for their lives.