Thursday, August 29, 2013

Page 81

Raphael, Madonna Sistine, 
Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, 
c. 1513-1514

To this day God has wanted the human race to behave like civil humans not fiends. It does not take that much to work out what is necessary when you could easily just do the right thing here instead of being evil. Going through to the third level of hell is only for extremely evil people to try and give them a warning not to be this evil. This would not be the case for non-evil people. Just like the useful ideas of gorgeous divinely inspired people who believe in God are from some domain in Heaven. But they see Heaven where evil people see Hades. Heaven exists on earth and all the way down to the last deep pool of darkness, something akin to the sound made by the Tui bird. The native New Zealand bird was annotated by the French composer Messiaen, who came to New Zealand on a tour to record more native birdcalls. His music talks about a divine understanding or beatific vision. Especially his Puer Natus Est.