Friday, August 30, 2013

Page 82

Guido Reni

To take the soul to Heaven, we need a divine understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ and his ascension to God through the Holy Spirit. In some people this divine spirit would equal the wings beating of a dove and for others it would be through blood, the blood of Christ. Some people would find Gods divine understanding in the garden, a flower, a tree or a golden vision of the lamb. Sometimes the stag or deer also speak of Christ in the garden. One imagines a garden full of Gods divine angels, all white with golden edges and the colour of the rainbow equalling Gods love in your heart. Emeralds and rubies would be encrusted in the ground to take you via an ascension to the highest sphere. No one would notice the pathway to the sphere and the person who loved you most on earth would lead you by the hand. The angels would be singing a golden ascension song and God would welcome you to his golden domain. There you would join in eternal love your heart to God.