Saturday, August 3, 2013

Page 55

Andrea del Sarto

This feels similar to an idea that took place in Italy during the Italian Renaissance whereby the sacred knowledge of the divine workers of Christ via the Holy Spirit to God was of a nature that was above the general intellect of the populace. All Gods divine workers are given an ascension to try and re-evaluate the message of Christ and the Virgin Mary via God. The artworks, science, literature and philosophy were of a profoundly deep perception and pushed past any prior notion of the Christ ascendency that had occurred before this. Inner geometry, cosmology and mathematics were often further extensions of this divine work to give artists an evaluation of the planets and communicate God in the scripture of religious figures known to the Bible through painting, sculpting and drawing. Architecture was also this divine with church plans being about the cross for God and the rose window to describe the garden of the heart with the colours of ascension to the angels.