Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Domenico Veneziano, Madonna Child, c. 1435-1437, Villa i Tatti

So, the love of God is something few people respond to, although he is there for everyone to observe. There are few who seem to feel his love and even fewer who care to use this to be gorgeous divine beings. Fiends are not welcome in Gods domain but God has to know who the evil doers are to celebrate the good or to make an equation as to who is responsible for the love and who you will find in the garden. So, these people who cannot find God in their hearts are not welcome in the Heaven on high. The garden is full of scented flowers and would not be something for those who would trample the rose bushes rather than be in an ascension service as a glory to God. The scent of divine beings smells like tea tree roses and the scent of fiends would not be perfumed. The evil people on earth would be something of a mystery to God as why would you be evil with all of Gods divine rewards. The Heaven God wants you to feel is available on earth as well as being in its rightful place up in Heaven, in the sky for some people and the sea for others. Even though this is difficult for my understanding, the sea is for redeeming the sinners via the Leviathan serpent. I imagine most would find this different to a European understanding as you would be cleansed via a different means for example, taking you down to the bottom of a cleansing pool and plunging you through a rock. Others would find a cleansing through blood even spiritually or in a ritualistic manner. Others still would find an Aladdin's cave next to an entrance being guarded by Neptune, even though some people would see this place as Heaven or the Pearly Gates, the evil would be taken to the same place to be redeemed for a second chance to cleanse their evil. I imagine those with limited capacity to make judgements and think things through fall short of the needed equations to God. Not all of us have the capacity to think or make the equations necessary for Gods divine house but when given simple proposals some can get to a small proportion of the ascension but not to its completion. Our ideas are something given to us by God to try to work with, not all are something everyone wants or needs at any particular time but one can live in divine hope that at sometime someone will realize what could have been and what is right for God. Others do have the brains that are needed for a larger capacity of philosophy but because of their trajectory nature of ascendency not always do they reach their target. Often God steps in to try and give another evaluation to take them further towards Heaven or takes them to Heaven firstly so they can find their way. We are only human and even Gods best divine instruction plan can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. We pray for divine intervention sometimes or for a future divine understanding when God feels we are ready, however, there is only one way even though different paths are taken and different evaluations need to be met. 


Domenico Veneziano, 
Santa Lucia de' Magnoli Altarpiece, 
c. 1445-1447, 
Uffizi Gallery,