Friday, August 23, 2013

Page 75

Guido Reni

So, I suppose it is the nature of the beast to want love, however, some people only seem to find hate and the fangs of some wild animal. Love should win supreme for mankind rather than brutes and beasts calling themselves human, when they tend to be another species, something not in Gods domain. One wonders why some people seem to fall down to Hades so quickly when they should be concentrating on the divine love of God to at least stand them upright. Surely it takes a lot more effort to be evil than not evil, so, why would you not want to pursue your dreams and concentrate on what God has provided you with. The love we all share in common in our hearts can obviously not always be reached by everyone, this must cause hell for God. Too many people do not want to find the message they were given at birth or to dig deep into their hearts to find the gold. Why people do tend to not want love is because they allow there own poison to take over anything at all that could be of the right substance in there hearts, not that all hearts seem to be blessed with pure love.