Monday, February 24, 2014


Martin Schongauer is another divine worker close to God. With his engraving St. Anthony Tormented by Demons, 1470-1475, the German artist appears to represent an internal state. Tormented by his emotions, the devil, his souls abyss and Hell, half human animal, bird, fish demons taunt him, club him and pull on his clothing. The look on St. Anthony's face suggest these are personal demons. Another view of St. Anthony to suggest empathy is Gustave Flaubert's The Temptation of St. Anthony. Here St. Anthony teeters around on top of a cliff face, hallucinating from lack of water. You feel Schongauer's internal garden view of the heart in this engraving especially, his ascetic view allows him access with the angels and his demonic breath is dealing with the pain of loving God or what it feels to be a human being. God would need to deal with his love by a garden pathway.