Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The atmosphere that surrounds you in one given place, always refers you to God. Divine pathways feel like they make themselves known for you to follow. We always follow the star we were born underneath and waterways, the rivers and the sea feel they speak more about your death. In Germany the dark feeling of powerful sacred pathways feel nominated by the ravens and crows, premise nominating a cemetery and a journey to take you on a deeper spiritual pathway. Other countries like the United Kingdom appeal to a lighter spirit of white heat. You feel the Christian pilgrims that frequented not only current and existent roadways on a pathway via watering holes, current public bars these days or some tavern you would be able to stop at for a meal, have been well traversed by those lighter of spirit. In France, it is always such a joy to go to gay Paris. Here the pathway has something to do with early court life. You notice the Royal apartments of the Louvre museum and churches frequent more places along the river that feel they have served a very different function in times gone by. Italy is a place of really immense history and you feel the weight in the Renaissance, God lives here.