Saturday, February 15, 2014


Like roses left in an untended garden the love of the heart is somewhere God needs you to contemplate. This you feel you are honoured with bunches of stemmed roses for performing an honoured task. Unlike giving roses to great performance players at a concert of music, giving roses to your loved ones or giving flowers for ceremonial reasons, finding the wild garden of roses in your heart or finding God is not always easy. A rose should equal God and does for certain Eastern religions but so should all roses equal God. The rose has to be propagated by the bee. A nice job for one of Gods divine workers, gathering pollen all day for the hive. These little really ancient creatures for God have been well thought of by humans and have been useful for empathy always. Anything from the divine substance of honey to the smell of French perfume. Wild bees, like wild honey, serve wild hives with their philosophy.