Saturday, February 8, 2014


Like certain insects on the the ground and very ancient species of lizard, sometimes called dragons, seem to refract not only the colours of the rainbow but the divine colours of birds who frequent Gods divine domain. This access to Heaven is via their colour scheme but mostly via their mission to God. Very divan creatures on the ground often refract the Heavenly domain as if we are purposefully put here only to experience God through our equation of happiness to equal Heaven. Taking philosophy to the domain of Heaven is somewhere you would feel God. Other than the really golden ascension to God unto the tips of the leaves, up above there are also fruit bats who drink the juice of tree fruit. These warm blooded mammals are nocturnal and love flying to their nest at sunset. One is reminded of Louise Bourgeois here who had a very organic view of the female self. The beatific view that included her spider series was nothing vainly related to her relationship to either mother nor father but to her libido and suffering self. You could imagine her divan work unto Christ for any French royal bloodline would mean at some point there would be an ascension service unto God to take you to Heaven to propagate the roses.