Thursday, February 20, 2014


Places South of the equator are something like the lower regions of the body and are really primal in quality. God calls them divine places of the heart. They do feel like the tribes who frequented these divine places beat a different drum. They definitely have left a permanent mark and you feel this in their past places of residence, assumably because their dead were laid to rest nearby. You feel they lived in these places as they were special for a sacred funeral for the dead. And this place took the soul to its final resting place in an infinity zone in the open sea, somewhere where the sea meets the sky or the equator, something like the horizon line, the green zone for sailors. The tribal feeling left behind must be because really powerful tribal elders are laid to rest in this place for eternity. To protect sacred sites from any predatory behaving or the sacrilegious with no order of God. Like more wealthy, in a Western sense, Asian countries have usually not tolerated countries throwing people at them who they could not do business with, these divine countries should close all sacred sites to tourism.