Friday, February 21, 2014


With former times gone by the atmosphere of God would equal the divine light offered by God for a divine view. This glimpse of Gods love could be something external in nature like the sunset and the setting sun. In European centres there has been such a wealth of history such as the remnants of Gothic sculptures now found not in churches but museums like the Louvre. These once church altars are altars for the spirit by a different nature. A little group of carved ivory sculptures in different publications used to include seven in all and a sculpture of the Virgin Mary no longer appears visible. Six sculptures would never have been the artists intention and feels at odds with God, one would almost want to pray to the Virgin Mary that someone relocate her. The addition of St. John and a figure representing a Christian pilgrim needing an interior view, has been failed by the reduction of the original pieces. So, God will need an explanation why the other one went missing.