Sunday, November 30, 2014


Sacred people are alive to God. The bottomless pit is a place in your soul close to Heaven. This place close to death is somewhere velvety in your heart and where you will find God's love. Down in the bottomless pit, this centre of your heart and centre of your soul is where God finds you. This nice sacred place is the life that equals death. Sacred places for God take you to his love. The entry into Heaven, with the bottomless pit in view, echoes your soul back at you. A sacred place is a Divine place to God and the deep resonance. A reflection of the bottomless pit cannot hold your residency. The philosophy of the soul is to reflect your inner life and God holds your hand for love. Do not trespass. A place on land that has this depth of feeling would equal the most moving view displayed to you by the gods, there would be list of ten places God could recommend you view, take your heart there someday. The darkened Earth shows your soul where to trespass. Go to this place.