Saturday, November 8, 2014


The different constellations seen from the Southern Hemisphere take the heart somewhere else. If we journey the ship down there in our imaginings the view is darkened by the night sky, constellations overlap with another perspective on offer. For example, there are some constellations obscured by the view of another, the archer forms and arch and Sagittarius moves further down to the west as we sail a ship further south. Other zodiacs and constellations become visible in the night sky as we see symbols of the night reflecting God. A darkened view of God occurs in the Southern Hemisphere and we see God in the sky. The star patterns tell you about your sacred way and when God takes you outside at night to view the stars, you are viewing your pattern made there, a divine reflection of the God pattern in your heart. All the earthly patterns are reflected in the sky too, so, the big sea creature of the deep permeates the southern sky with birds and lizards, while ancient gods appear to the Holy divine, other ways forward carry your heart along the sacred path to Heaven until your heart no longer wants to return to Earth.