Monday, November 10, 2014


For some dark matter is God and for others dark matter is Evil. Dark matter is what the planet Earth consists of, from the Earth's crust down through the core, God's exist point and for others, Hell is under the Earth's crust for the Evil. Dark matter is God. There is starlight all the way through dark matter to the core of Earth where God's exit point exists and then there is the universe. This is the entry point for some people to Heaven and the exit point for Evil people. Earth or our star planet, was probably formed by a meteorite, so, the core is something like stardust as the core is so ancient with a memory of starlight. The meteorite would have been travelling faster than the speed of light, hence, why it would still glow. The starlight, surrounded by dark matter, would be the rest of the meteorite protected by God, this carries through all the way through to the Earth's crust. There are certain well known theories about the nature of the end of species such as the dinosaurs who could have been easily wiped out with a passing meteorite shower, it would also make the Earth freeze, presumably, the meteorite would have come from a cooler part of the universe and there are several pockets of dark matter out in space. God only enlightens general thinking about dark matter if they can take this understanding through to a sacred realm.