Tuesday, November 4, 2014


When the stars equate the star patterns your birth is nominated under you see all the zodiacs in the sky. Our love of God nominates the sign of your zodiac with a pattern of the stars suggesting often hybrid beasts and animals, sometimes part human being. With the Earth spinning the star patterns take their form. The stellar position in the Northern Hemisphere is in reverse of the Southern Hemisphere. God has to nominate our name. The patterns of the gods are the star patterns of the zodiacs and are woven in the cosmos as the universe is woven into God through our hearts. When wild horses gallop over our hearts, this is Gods way of telling us we are in love. Angels fly down from Heaven and knock on your door, the door of the heart and when there is an angel in your heart, God has to tell you he loves you. Your love flies back to the Lord above and God knows you are in love with him by the human heart experiencing the universe, the universe of love. The poetry of our love sends Pegasus to God, winged love through Heaven. The whole universe should equal God and his love in your heart should equal his universe.