Wednesday, November 5, 2014


With the Earth as our universe and the stars high above we notice the constellations closest to our hearts. The reflection of sacred beasts, with their star patterns on Earth for God loves us to see our reflection in the sky. The zodiacs our hearts reflect nominate our sacred way through to Heaven. God loves the gods of Earth to be divinely reflected in everything we see as the gods reflect the stars. The sacred vessel of our heart is full of love for God and we see him all around in his divine gifts to the Earth. In his garden of Paradise, birds fly by and sing of love with the sea and the sky providing a halo for the landscape while clouds take our hearts through to Heaven. God loves you to reflect upon his Heaven there. The universe of God is love. The water of our hearts takes our divine light around the body with the stars showing God your inner light. A beautiful passage is surpassed a heart without height, so, humans not reflecting God do not participate in your life. If you reflect divine height then God can see your love and this transmits to your constellations in Heaven. Gods reflect your water and God reflects your heart. Without love in the universe, there is no God. When the water snakes, the serpents and the stars have a message for your heart, God takes you to Heaven.