Thursday, November 20, 2014


When you look at your life compared to the life God had planned, the pathway lit by starlight is the gauge. Sometimes God needs to guide you on a different pathway when the star patterns miss you. Few people realize that God guides the way and stars are our road map to follow. There are several different pathways to follow that are also negotiated on the same road map but some do not take you down the correct road to God. Stars guide the way and God tells us the difference and somewhere in between we have to make an equation as to "who" we are. When the road is too black and the starlight too obscured we lose our star pathway, stars guide the way and God shows us the rest to bring darkness into light. This Divine illumination tells your heart why God has to follow and when God has to lead the pathway down another roadway. On a starry night we have to then talk to God about the next pathway. Stars shine above for God to tell us about Heaven, he takes you on a journey and the stars are like an instruction plan telling you about why God needs us to know Heaven, ashes.