Sunday, November 16, 2014


If we were to paint a painting of the moon how would you go about this and what phase of the moon would you paint? Maybe it would depend on your sex, male or female, or age. Most people would be thinking a younger man would paint an image of the moon in the second phase and a more elderly man, past sixty-five, the moon would be full. For the opposite sex, a woman would not want to reveal the moon, so, it would either be veiled behind a cloud or in the first phase and why would this be? Men would need to reveal to you their connection to the moon and women would not, so, how are we connected to the moon? Our lunar equation is revealed in our behavioural activities and our moods along with our whole earthly activity is governed by the moon, so, why does the moon have such a pull on us? We are attracted to the magnetic pull of the two poles, North and South. This not only situates us upright on the Earth's surface with gravity but the gravitational pull needs to be equated differently and our bodies could not handle the pressure if the Earth was not spinning on an axis. The moon is there to regulate gravity almost like a ball and chain effect or we could not survive without the moon nor would the Earth be able to spin on its axis. The planets are different densities, size and weight, so, to regulate the gravitational pull from the Sun, a moon, like a magnet has to not only slope a planet a certain way so it spins but so it is kept its distance from the Sun. It does this naturally out of destiny ratio otherwise there would be more meteorites than necessary and all the planets would crash into the stars along with being consumed by the Sun's light rays or it would be too bright to see. The Sun is so many light years away from the universe as we know it that it probably died several million years ago when the universe was created like a vague memory of another planet. Our equation with the moon is governed by the Sun and that is why we know about the moon in our hearts.