Friday, November 7, 2014


If we sail the ship down through the Southern Hemisphere, we see Sagittarius, the archer in the northern part of the sky and Gemini down near the most southern tip. Our zodiacs appear in a different part of the sky from the southern end of the globe. A ship can use as a ship's mate, the star patterns in the sky, like a navigational tool for astronomers, this is how ships find there way back home, if they are blown off course with a storm out at sea. With a biblical understanding of God, navigational skill should be guided by the heart and other stellar constellations being noticed on certain Christian calendar days with a compass telling the rest. Your heart, too, seems to get blown off course, in a howling gale, if God or the gods are not in favour. Sacred people are on a sacred journey unto him and cannot sail the boat near dangerous waters, for God forbids this. The stars above nominate the love in your heart for God to observe and the sea below would show you the angel's view of the sea with the colour of coral, branches of the heart for love. With the branches of coral like the branches of trees love takes you up to the starlight of God. God places star patterns in nature for you to notice his love. The serpent needs to protect you from Evil people taking your knowledge to the wrong place.