Saturday, November 1, 2014


If we equate the universe through your body and we start with the planet Earth equalling your universe, the head would reside in the Heaven of the north and your feet would be on the southern most tip. This is where people tend to wander in the mind somewhere, so, anything below waist height would equal the southern nations and anything northern would be abreast. The planet Mercury is named after the god of the same name, apparently, as Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and like the god's namesake as a messenger of the gods of the underworld, has the shortest orbit of the Sun. If your centre dial includes the Sun, then most of your body would encompass the Sun from neck to knee with the rest including the orbit of Mercury and Venus. Venus is the goddess of love and like the Christian calendar represents the Virgin. As a planet, Venus cultivates the same feeling in your heart, as she is also the planet encompassing love, beauty, fertility and prosperity, and is the second planet from the Sun. The measurement in distance between the Sun would be measurable in distance between these two planets and Earth, with Venus being the closest planet to Earth in the Solar System and noticeable with the rising of the moon, from Earth. So, our body would be encompassing the moon.