Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The stars appear on the ground in a circle. If you draw a circle on the ground you will see your pathway in the stars, map your way. What is your pattern to take you through Heaven? God has this pattern mapped on your heart, so, draw it on a piece of paper and map the stars. We are all starlight to God and that is how the Lord knows we exist at all. Our patterns are nominated at birth, when we are born and that is why we know them in our hearts, a star map from the Heavens above. This is to tell us our way to death and our pathway until the day we die, this is nominated in the sky, just ask God. Everybody has a pattern nominated and everybody knows the pathway, even though some people need guidance as they lose their pathway. The stars look like a mad scientist at work, mapping out a map of God, with some extraordinary mathematical equation that only makes sense to you, individually, so, ask God where to look. Look at the stars for guidance, on your pathway. Your pathway to God is unto him and God shows you the way forwards. So, do not diverge from your pathway or you will get lost and God will never be able to find you again. Find your spirit with God.