Thursday, November 27, 2014


If we take ourselves up the other way, past Christ's tomb and keep climbing all the way to the Heaven on high, just follow the dove, this is the Heaven God wants to make us aware of while we are alive, under ground is supposed to be for burial, where you will find Hell if you have not found God in Heaven. With the starry way to Christ in Heaven lit up by God at night, follow his star and with the stars above being the Heaven on high God needs to know your name. The star patterns are everywhere nominating the way just follow the stars on the ground to God and follow your pathway, look all around to see if God is following you, so, if all of nature looks beautiful, he is there following you. Nature is God and you are nature. Stars are Heaven and you are Heaven if you know love in your heart. The universe has a message via the star unto the Lord. Christian theosophy tells you part of the story if you read the bible or visit a cathedral. Heaven is from God for the blessed to see love where the unblessed do not see anything, gardeners for Christ. The star patterns are all around us in nature to light up the way to Heaven. Heaven is a star.