Wednesday, October 1, 2014


In the garden of our imaginings we continue to float with Ophelia surrounded by the flower of her heart. Free is her heart from earthly duties but we are left to mourn her death. We die into her love affair with God and die heartbroken there. Her garden was so full of love. First love is always the most tormented and we die with her. Gardens are often greener in your imaginings than reality and fantasy plays a role. On we float to her greener garden and love her there for God. There is a maiden in her heart and God took her to the garden with her love. Let Ophelia float on to Heaven. Our earthly flow takes us on a journey to God. Flow on.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We float like Ophelia down the stream of our mind in the garden of philosophy. Her death was poignant and reeks, in representation, of late 19th Century idealism, her death is beautiful and speaks of the romantic view of a newlywed with her prosaic beauty being destroyed by marriage. The garden of her heart would be full of love but should not destroy her. There is the incredible idealistic, romantic view of love destroying a heart that is pure. Garden plants would surround a fair maiden of wedded bliss in the garden of her heart. We stream along with her in our heart like the earthly flow of love is Sin. Everything gets all so horribly tangled up with nature equalling emotions to the point where we can barely rationalize our behaving. Love should be the most natural gift of all not an emotion from Hell. The love of nature is from God.

Monday, September 29, 2014


When we have Spring the planets are in view of nature bearing fruit. The planets communicate to the garden about your fruit. The roses tell you this when you walk with your loved ones in the garden of your love and love explains this, a feeling from the 
planets. Gardeners know this and plant their plants according to the starry line up. God tells us this when you look up at the sky on a nice clear Spring starlit night, the stars almost look like mathematical equations from God or a child has played with drawing with a ruler in the sky. Stars tell your heart this and the planets take you further. This strange order of the stars by God's divine design is to communicate through the hearts of men when fruit is to be picked in your garden. The garden of love is where you take the person you love in your heart and the planets tell you how. So, love the garden to love the fruit on your wedding day. Amen.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Stars love us to notice the flowers and God loves you for this. Heaven tells you this. Flowers reflect the stars in Heaven with God's love to the bumblebee. Honey loves you for this. Flowers reflect God and you see his divine light there in beautiful flowers. God tells you this in your heart. Angels whisper this to you at night in the garden for Heaven tells them to. God loves the flowers to notice you and their starlight to correspond to the stars in your heart. Heaven notices this. God loves you in the Heaven of your heart to notice where the stars take you in his house, the pathway through the garden to love. Flowers tell you this in the stars of Heaven so God notices and loves you. Angel love to stardust equals the flowers in the garden. Your heart tells you this.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Love for the philosopher is time and time is God. God for the philosopher is love. So, how does God equal time and how does time equal love? Love for philosophy is equated as time so, what is time? Time is God and God is eternal. Infinity suggests that time took place or time is immemorial and time lasts forever, there is no end. So, what is the end of time? Infinity. Love then is almost unconscious as love is God and God is eternal. Time immemorial stood still. Therefore, a deep understanding of love to equal time would equal the light in our hearts equalling God in the garden of philosophy. An infinite rationality of time starts to disintegrate and turn into raw matter after we lose count of how much time it takes to love God. Love is God. God is time. Philosophy is nature.


Friday, September 26, 2014


Spring is the colour of the angels. Flowers blossom with Spring's divine colours. Trees start to bloom with leaves and all Gods divine garden creatures come out of hibernation to meet the Spring day. The birds start to flutter and the baby creatures are born. We start the season again of a renewed life of faith and the new garden is created for God in the garden, the cycle of life continues. Angels frequent the garden with all the splendour and joy garden colours present to God. Nature is abundant with God. Love all the birds to sing to you in the garden of love for God. Your garden pathway is lined by angels who show you their golden light with this reflected in the pathway and God shows you the way to love in the garden, ask the birds as Spring love is from the angels of love.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Birds also frequent the forests and are there to share the news of Gods divine garden while here they speak of love in the hearts of man. Birds love you in the forest and fly all around you. They only communicate the love of God. God in the garden of philosophy equals the birds singing their song of love in the garden and the forests. God take me to the forest of imaginings with God's love and the forest birds. I love God in the forest to love the birds to speak of God's love and love God to love you. Birds communicate the song and will we ever learn the tune? Forests dwell with forest birds of love for God, the spirits of love and forest angels that pass through. Do not go the forest without somebody you love in your heart for the birds to sing about love so you return one day in your imaginings. God love the forest birds.