Thursday, July 2, 2020

Birds fly a flight

Nicole Page-Smith

Birds fly a flight

The cathedral is another issue. Built with the structure of stone, cathedrals reach the peak and an inner resemblance of god. You are taken up the elongated windows and elevated beyond the altar and through the heavens to god. The heavens are the sky and cover us like the church roof. Painted ceilings and architecture, mosaics and the ceiling, inner courtyards of sculpture, Jesus and the Virgin, churches. We think of god.

We think of nigh. Thinking we are, we are one. One God.

One and forever, we are. We are one for god. The cathedral is one with the Lord and like trees grow, branches grow with your faith. Your faith expands with the church as an expansion of the spirit. Your eyes go up the doorjamb, the outside of the church is to communicate the growth of the spirit. Birds fly up with the pigeons and nest in the eves. Internal lining of churches then tends your eyes down to the church pew, through the filtered light down through stained glass hitting surfaces with the prism we understand as light. Hues of light we understand as god gives the interior of churches a glow but the cathedral, the ceiling. The expansion of the spirit is god.

Flying up with the pigeons we feather our nest and flutter down with the feathers. Feathers line corners of your mind with angelic worth and a simulation of the corner of the room, the cathedral. Churches, flying and angels can include themselves and feather your way but the need is up with the birds, flying off with ascension like the dove. A white feathery need is for birds. Birds of the feather.

Ascension and the birds are our need. The growth of trees is of the need of angels. Birds fly away but come back to nest each spring. The faith of a church is the very architecture.

Churches and architecture. Gothic architecture, towers. Stretching past the darkened foreboding climate and a very dark time in history, illumination was needed. God.

God is the church. God is faithful to you but when you are nigh you are one, one with the church and like a bird soar with ascension. Flying and flying with the spirit, churches. Churches take you to the clouds in your imagining. We are born, we are born of faith, faith for god. We keep expanding our spiritual need with the church. Churches and spiritual needs have not always seen eye to eye but god has our eyes and our need. Our need is faithful to god. Religions change and almost come and go but a spiritual need continues. Churches, their need and their faith or religion is the eyes and the eyes forward, eyes of god. We are like churches and can be built. A spiritual need can be worked on but can also simply grow of its own need like the soul, the spirit of man is god. If we think of man and god, we think of Jesus. Jesus is the heart of man and the ventricles of the heart are his churchyard. We are Jesus, we are the blood. The blood of man is the blood of Christ. We are one blood with god. We are man and human, we have eyes and we see, we see god. Angels.

Angels fly unseen to human eyes for they are angels. Birds are like angels and fly. Flying birds, frequent trees, fly through the trees and live, there. Birds and angels. God has a hierarchy of angels and they are like messengers for god, not human, they communicate ideas. Ideas for god are angelic and are part of god. God, the angel and ideas are human, too, we are their human part. Although, angels are part of the divine or god, they also occasionally are sent by god to communicate to human beings. Maybe when angels are sent to you, the Lord should be considered. The light of the world is needed.

The painting of angels has a past. Sculptures of angels are often associated with the church and religion. Gothic figures tower in a form of lengthened doorjambs, angels and churches are synonymous with god. God and angels. The past of angels has a present and this is god. God flies up with the angels and down with the birds on a daily basis, birds tend to sing. Singing in the trees in the morning birds awaken your day.

The day of the new morn is the day of one. One morn. One morn is one day and a day in the morn. Morning is the time for angels and angels do sing, they sing to the Lord. Singing they go to god. The angel of a new day is your new day. You cannot see angels but beware they cannot see you. Birds sing. When the birds sing it is a new day. Trees grow but grow secretly without us really knowing and the birds sing. Singing to the Lord above the birds do notice trees growing, losing their leaves and the Spring. New buds.

The birds do sing. Singing. Singing in the trees, birds. A Paradise is the birds. Birds fly but when birds fly, oh the birds. Flying out of the trees, the birds soar, into the clouds like the top of the cathedral. Cathedrals climb. Climbing up to the heavens they reach the clouds. Clouds, climbing. Architecture, being placed up with the brickwork, reaching up with every brick, soaring through the clouds. We reach, we reach the clouds and flying with the birds go beyond. Beyond clouds. Beyond the clouds is god, climbing, flying. We are birds and hear them in the trees. Them, them is they and hear, those that hear are they, they hear. Hearing birds, you sing. Singing and hearing you are one with the birds and fly. Flying you are, you are bird.

Birds fly a flight, flying they are for...


Nicole Page-Smith

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The church and its steeple

Nicole Page-Smith

The church and its steeple

In vast cavernous spaces, where cathedrals seek god, there is light. The light of god. Skies have light and the sun. Peering through light and behind the clouds, god finds you walking. God will find you. Finding god is a mission in his lightness and likeness of god. Trees, feathers and leaves, feather your nest, in hollows of trees. Birds.

You could imagine birds nesting in abandoned buildings or churches, flying with ascension wings to god, churches flying with the birds.

Flying buttresses and architecture. 


Birds flying and filling churches with ascension. God. Birds and churches, fluttering and angels. Churches full of birds. Abandoned churches and god. Angels and angels's wings, flutter to the ceiling. Birds frequenting eves. Everyone abandoned, lost faith, non-believers, wanders and vagrants, all gone. The faithless left long ago for the birds to take over and they sing in the trees.

God and the faithful.

Faithful churches fly with birds flying all around them, in the trees. Trees. Trees and nature. When birds fly through the church, you know you have seen an angel. Churches and god.

Open churches and their architecture take you soaring through the ceiling, up stained glass, windows and out to the light outside. You would wonder about light and how it shines, the interior of a church could reflect the light of god, an internal light and the spirit. The architecture and out flying with the buttresses, we continue to the elongation.

The church and its steeple.


Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Nicole Page-Smith


We are men and the man we are is the tree of man. Man, sprouts, leaves as to grow but does grow. Growing man is of man for god but tree. Trees are. Trees are fully grown. Trees. Now green and there is another idea have deciduous in mind but are tree in winter. Trees are green but when they fall, the leaves have fallen. Dead trees are dead wood. Fallen leaves.

Leaves fall and when they fall it is Autumn. Autumn leaves fall.

Falling leaves are in Autumn and fall. But come Spring leaves and buds grow again. Flowers bud all winter. When Spring comes, we grow and we grow like trees, growing. Growing with stems and shoots and leaves, we suck up the ground's reservoir of water through our body like the blood. Blood is the sap. 

Blood has leaves. Leaves are like humans, they crumble, they fall and grow, again. Growing. They grow again. Leaves, leaves are on trees. Autumn leaves.

Winter trees and god. The barren limbs and odd bird's nest from last spring reflect the sky of dull, grey days and rain. Cold, solitary and alone, the trees seem to ache in anticipation of spring, creaking and groaning in the wind. On sunny days you are taken to the heavens and think of the stars or night. Is the moon really the Sun or in reflection of Earth? You wonder in our gaseous state of star like the biggest star, the sun, how stars could be living up there, in the starry heavens, they live their own life for god. We breed life. We fell from the heavens like meteorites. We fell. Falling. Falling from the heavens was god's idea. Plants become us. Trees.

We have leaves. Birds fly. Feathers.


Monday, June 29, 2020

We are god

Nicole Page-Smith

We are god

Churches rise. Rising with the steeple. The glory. An internal contemplation of god in the architecture. Steeples of churches rising through the clouds to touch god. Churches as though flying. Flying churches. The architecture and stained glass, soar. Soaring through the air your mind is taken to god. Ascension colours like stars fall through stained glass windows to the floor of churches. Churches housing the spirt of god, all stone and of ascension, rise to the occasion. Rising with the steeple.

Steeples. Churches rising out of steeples and the will of god. If god was a colour would he be azure or gold. Perhaps the sky with the clouds lifting to heaven has our elevation and place. We are in heaven when we are born, born of heaven. Of heaven is the need and churches pray with the stained glass, the light and followers of religion. A spiritual need is to be born. Faith. Church architecture is like our inner being, we are built only to rise with the steeple, the spirit. Our inner frame grows, a deepening of faith and our body. Stars we already reflect have our name on them and we shine like stars to the Lord for our inner core is god. We are of faith for Jesus but Jesus bears our name. We are god.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

God has a soul

Nicole Page-Smith

God has a soul

One flame is the flame of the Lord but the spirit of God is the angel. Your angel. Supernatural and alive you are god but not angel. Angels frequent our spirit and almost prop us up on the inside holding our shoulders up so, we confront the Lord. The red heart is Jesus. Red in the sky means a frosty morn. A day in the Lord is a day in one and this is your day. God informs our heart slowly about our angel, he flies. Flying with angels fly. Flying. The concept of flight is given to us with the birds, flying through the sky. The new dawn brings the birds. Christ is in ascension.

The birds fly through the blood red sky to remind you of the heart of Jesus. Jesus flies with his heart unto the Lord, every morning with the dawn and colours of ascension. Through pinks and purples, we begin to see the new day. We live the life of Jesus. In the history of God and the planet we are then taken to the stars as though our universe is reflected on Earth. Constellations of fiery red, orange and colourful, cosmic, star patterns are given consideration by God. Planetary colours of Mars and Venus feel as old as the universe with the light out of darkness, nature in the sky. Red is the colour of Jesus.

If god had a heart, it would be the heart of man but the heart of Jesus. The heart of man is the heart of Jesus. Man has a heart. 

God has a soul.


Friday, June 26, 2020

We are one bread

Nicole Page-Smith

We are one bread

Redeeming, we redeem Christ. Christ is the spirit ascending. Ascending and descending with Christ is the heart. Christ is man.

Men are the loves and the fishes. We are Christ. Christ is man because of the wind of the spirit. Because. The spirit of angels is the wing. Wings are for the Holy Spirit to fly with the angels. Angels fly but when angels fly, we are no longer here. The connection with the Holy Spirit and god is the head and an imaginative ideal, the heavens. The heavens are where angels live.

Birds fly. Flying birds descend to the ground for the grain then ascend like angels. Birds flying are like angels. Angels flying with the fiery angels of heaven, we can only imagine but oh the birds of heaven are birds of Paradise. Paradise is the place. A place for the birds. The place where birds fly. The loaves are the fishes and the fish are loaves. We break the bread for Christ.

God, god is the bread.

Bread are he but when we say one, we are one bread.


Thursday, June 25, 2020

God - The holy spirit descends

Nicole Page-Smith


We are your universe. The universe becomes god and all its deities. Stars, their pathways, meteorites, asteroids and their cosmology. We travel with god, through the stars and keep going. Going to god. Gods draw us to them, but god is the all, powerful, universe. Do meteorites fall to Earth?

Earth. Earth and it's god.

God. You think of the seven wonders of the world. All of the ancient history. Stone. The first history of church sculpture and wonder about the first images of Christ. Christ has risen from the grave and we lead the life of Christ. We are taken from the tomb. We live the life of Jesus, we live, we live the life. We live the life of Jesus. Christ redeemed our sin.

We were one with god. We ate the bread but god ate more. More bread. God however, has the redeemer Christ by his side. The angels of Christ hold Christ's wounds out to be healed, by god. Christ in ascension is like the bird. A bird of Christ has a red face and flitters with golden wings. Indications of ascension.

We are given every indication from birth of who we are.

We are god. We are one. God is the feather, feathers ascend with the angel and descend with the holy spirit, the holy spirt, is unto you and descends. Descending.

When the holy spirit is unto thee you are one with god. Being one with god, you are unto thee. One with the holy spirit. One. One time. The one time you are unto thee you are one. Two people are one with the holy spirit. One Christ and one person. Christ is the person unto thee. The holy spirit descends.