Saturday, January 31, 2015


A Divine understanding is the music of the Lord. The music of the Lord is God. God takes you to a philosophy and a pathway to Heaven. When God leads the way to Heaven you feel God's warm embrace like a cat on your knee. God takes your spirit to talk to the stars and bees take you to the honey to fill the pot. A spirit from Heaven is a spirit for God and God likes animal spirits, too, so, in Heaven your cat may catch up with you, if God does not need him on Earth. When we go up to Heaven, with our last ascension, your cat may follow you after his natural death. We only have one lifetime to find love in our hearts and the love of God takes us further to the end of time. One life is short lived. The end of time is near.

Friday, January 30, 2015


The third harmony is the key of D. D Sharp Major takes you into the key of D Minor and the reverse. G Major takes you to the same place and then we consult God about G Minor for the key of G equals God. So, why does God have a harmony of three? A harmony of one equals God in Heaven and that is why we can tolerate the demonic third in G Minor. Heaven is for when we die, mainly, however, God gives us glimpses on Earth, so, we follow that pathway and music is one such glimpse, music takes you to Heaven. The key of D Sharp Major is the Jesus element of Heaven, G Major is the Holy Ghost and G Minor is God in Heaven. Music is Heaven in our hearts and that is why we appreciated music as it goes right down to the core. Play D Sharp Minor for me, so, I can hear your song in my heart, the heart of D.


Thursday, January 29, 2015


When one plus one equals three there is harmony in the universe. The order of the gracing of God is the harmony of the universe. Order and harmony do equal the end of time because the chaos of the universe equals one. This order and understanding is why we are here. Order via chaos takes us to the Lord. The order of God is one. The third element is God and the order of three is what we have to get to for God. The biblical understanding is Jesus via the gracing of God equals God or on a more human experience, the human being via the birds equals Heaven, we notice them in the sky ascending our knowledge upwards to the Lord. Unfortunately, the comprehension of God does not always take people to a harmonious place in their hearts. When harmony is achieved by all chaos, this equals the order of the universe. Three.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


When we see stars on the ground they lead we follow. The order they represent shows us the way forwards and our pathway is set. A nominated way is the way of Christ. When Christ died, there was a nominated star pattern in the sky and this only happens every two thousand years of Christian order, the first was when we were born. God had us born of a Christian order unto him and on a nominated pathway but when Christ laid the garden was when we were born. Human beings came into this Christian order on a nominated pathway and Christ laid the way. When the Creation of the world occurred, God had a plan and born of a certain order on a certain day and God repeats this order every two thousand years to repeat his order, the order of Christ is the order of one, one is the Lord above and two said to God, we love you, on the third day Christ was born, born of the cross to follow God. One plus one equals God.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When we think of the smallest creatures on Earth and their mission for God, this takes us to a sacred place, the anthill. Anthills above the ground tower towards the sky and in several cultures the ant is a sacred creature. If you leave sugary offerings outside your house for the ants, God praises you. Other cultures find the ant so sacred that pathways are swept for sacred people to walk along in fear of them stepping on an ant. The little sacred creatures have a very Divine purpose for God on Earth, mainly to clear his pathway of all debris. Ants are part of the decomposer type of small creature for God and you feel, as with other decomposers, at the end of time, they will be the only little creatures left. At the end of time, if we have not found the love of God, we will not survive. Like the ant, we will have to take our understanding up the anthill, skywards, to survive God's understanding. Time is of the essence and love takes us there. Ants work in harmony for God and have very ordered societies. Anthills are incredible constructions being like temples in the wind. We are ordered this way for God, too, for God gives us a sense of order. Patterns on the ground give us our sacred order.


Monday, January 26, 2015


So, if love is the key, then, why do we need time? Why would love not be straight through to the heart, when God is involved? Time carries the end of time, too, the beginning of time is also known to God for he started the whole affair. The beginning of time is the beginning of the universe but not the beginning of God because God is time but is also the infinite. The end of time is God. God does give an instruction manual about life and death to give human beings an indication of a beginning and end of time. However, love is why God had us born on this Earth. The key to knowing God is to find true love. To love your self is to love God. When you find true love you have found the key. The key to time is love.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


God lights the pathway, we see the way because we all carry the end of time around with us in every cell. We take our love to Heaven via the heavenly light within for God needs us to learn love in our hearts. The stars are all around and you see them reflecting the trees. Everywhere there is starlight and God blesses the way to Heaven and if you are born in Heaven you are blessed by angels. At the end of the world all the angels, God and the gods have to lead you by the hand. God put us on the Earth to experience love to take us to the end of time. We have to reach an infinite awareness for transgression. Be aware of your spiritual forefathers for you have to show them egression. Time takes you, by every second, to the end of an awareness of infinity and there the infinite takes over time. We almost have to reduce ourselves back to zero to conceptualize tomorrow and the finite awareness of the soul by God. Time is the element of our life and love is the key.