Sunday, October 18, 2020

There is time

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

There is time

The age of Mercury or the Sun could tell more. We are in awe, of the Sun but, oh, does the sun shine?  There is no light in the universe. The mercury of the Sun. When the energy of the Sun, swallows us whole, we will be no more but, we will be the energy of the Sun. Dark matter pervades the universe. The universe of light is a darkened subject. The secrets and mysteries of Christ seem to evade us. God is our universe and our light. 

The energy of the Sun.

Has energy.

The energy of light has time. Light is a peculiar substance. Light has time. Time has light. Light and time are like the snow. Snow flies around and speaks to you of itself. Snow flying. Light reflected on snow speaks of a place and sometimes of a time. There is time.



Friday, October 9, 2020

Dust and star matter

Nicole Page-Smith, photography

Dust and star matter

Light. The light is golden. Golden clouds. You feel yourself surrounded by a cloud, thinking cloud like thoughts. If we were a mountain, we could think like mountains do but are cloud and think with god, thoughts passing by like rain. Passing thoughts and ideas are the sky and you would question the Sun like you could talk to the moon, stars and planets. Golden thinking and thoughts, ideas and the rain. Stars are for you, beaming from heavens by day and twinkling in the sky, by night. What if facing the Sun, we faced the universe another way, an opening like a new born day. Are we programmed to be star when we dream? Or do the stars inform our mystical-mind of god. The stars talk to you of past universes. In full daylight do we see another universe?

The Sun, our energy could have already absorbed Earth and be the universe we face, by daylight. As we spin on an axis, we face the Sun. The Sun appears to be an entrance to another universe almost as though we enter the core. If astronomers thought we travelled through the Sun to find daylight is this the axis we spin on? We could not imagine to travel through another planet or the centre of the Sun to find night, you could imagine this may explain the stars more than if they were fixed stars in the sky, broken pieces of meteorite and asteroid, the accumulation of the odd old extinguished planet and so forth, all gathered in the universe of the Sun. Dust and star matter. 



Friday, October 2, 2020

The golden light of clouds

Nicole Page-Smith, sketchbook drawing and a cat.

The golden light of clouds

Skies. Light and the clouds will tell you everything you need to know about the heavens. Will it rain today? The distance between the Earth and the Sun can be seen in the clouds. The sun and the moon can take us further at night to the stars and speak of the heavens, too. Skies and patterns in the stars or clouds do tell us of all that's been and the universe. We are born of star.

A star is born of light and matter. Stars. At night, when the full night of stars, are in view, we are born, born of a star. Stars are our light. At night the stars light the way. Our Christian pathway is lit by stars.

Stars light the way. The matter of stars. We are star and we are born. Matter. Stars and matter. Matter is the light. Walking and lit by the stars we walk. Stars in the universe where we were born, light the way. We were born, born of star. Universes light the way of stars.

Stars light the way when we are born of star. Rocks are star, too. We are star. Stars cover the sky at night but show us the way, we sleep under their pathway and they communicate all the mysteries of the universe. So, when we awake, we can tell god we have slept under his star. In the heavens there is a constant stream of angels, they fly from the heavens to you. All you have been informs god with sleep and the exchange with the angels. Time and the hour of dawn informs the star you were born underneath of your angel, your angel in heaven. Heaven is the star you were born underneath in heaven, for love, the love of god.

Universes, light years away, have stars. You walk along, your starry pathway communicating to god as though mystically you are telepathy. Light is the source of god, needed and as sunshine beams down on us, so does god.

If you walk along the sea you will see the light reflecting. Light reflects upon the water as light reflects on the clouds. Accumulation of atmospheric clouds on mountains is similar to the light in the star patters in the universe collecting light as a rainbow. By the sea, sea spray and windy conditions can cause a similar light to be absorbed by the clouds or play of light on the water. Clouds after rain rise and when the sunshine peers through cause transcendence like a breath. If you blow into the cold air you will see your breath. Clouds and mountains.

The golden light of clouds.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Part of the sky

Nicole Page-Smith, sketchbooks.

Part of the sky

If you take your thoughts up the mountain you reach the peak. Light reflects. Stars reflect the heavens. Mountains appear to reach infinity at sunset. Mountains. Mountain peaks and light. The pinnacle of achievement.

Music soars with us up the mountain as though concerts were played in their very depths. Heights and the height of a concert with full orchestra take you to places where you can hear the music. An achievement of the clouds is god. Heaven is therefore, an experience god wants you to think about. Spiritual light. Elevation and spiritual thoughts are like the music. Composers and music take you on a journey.

Thinking and the thoughts of god have light. Clouds float you along with thinking.


Light is in their thinking, the thinking of the clouds. Light, buoyant and floating, clouds. We are surrounded by clouds and float. The air is for our thinking. We are cloud when airborne and god. Spirits cling with rain born clouds. Clinging damp and on the mountain, clouds peak in atmospheric light with rain. Spirits arise. Clouds drift. Thoughts. Thoughts, thinking they are clouds. God. God thinking. We drift like we are immersed in a cloud of thought. Clouds think for you. Raining on your mind, ideas, dream. Dreaming, thoughts, float in and out like clouds and we are left to contemplate. If we thought like god and the clouds, we would be like birds passing, through and feathery. Feathers and wings.

Beating, the heart beats. Feathers. An eiderdown on your mind of dreaming and thinking. The heart beat of birds in the hand, let go. Birds fly away. Clouds of thought, fly through in a similar way as birds, flying. Racing with the clouds, ideas pass through and the heart beats. A revolution of the heart and we are back into the light. Matter, form and light have ideas for you with the clouds thinking and breathing for you. Wings, beat like the heart and flapping carry you. We are as buoyant as the clouds on a windy day. Clouds, clouds thinking, clouds, float and impregnated with rain, drift. We are clouds, after rain and thoughts of god. If god thought we were clouds we would be okay, airborne and part of the sky.


Friday, September 18, 2020


Nicole Page-Smith


Gravity pulls on matter to make it tired and we know to die. Our death is almost the reversal of life. We are broken into the substance of spirit matter and float out to heaven. The rest of our body is taken by the earth and like trees we grow again of the soil of earth. Trees are like our blood and grow roots. Rooted down into the Earth they become, trees become us. We are tree. We are tree and all its branches but also simply enjoy the oxygen. Air like the spirit matter enjoys us. We fly off with the birds in a contemplation of ascension. Pulled down by the weight of life, we accumulate matter and grow as though in an expansion to then, get tired. Tiring of Earth, matter disintegrates only to reappear, elsewhere. We are the weight of the universe and all its light.

The light in the clouds, floats with us. Floating. Air floats down surrounding us like a cloud and rain. Clouds floating, the light from clouds has you feel like you're floating yourself like the birds, gliding. Wouldn't it be nice to be a bird, flying through the air? Surrounded by a cloud and contemplating, god, makes you feel like you are flying, transcendental and perhaps one day we will float with the clouds in our imagination but the clouds come to you to ground level. Floating with the clouds. 

We float and continue. Did you see the light today, the light of god? Clouds of rain, float off with the wind and the clouds. Clouds. Drifting. Birds flying and trees, birds flying through. You wonder what birds think on rainy days. Joyously birds twitter and enjoy the bath. Clouds elevate us back through the clouds. Drifting and thinking. The treetops tend to be communicating all day with the clouds. The birds agree. Our feathery friends speak of another ascension and a different relationship with god. Trees rise to the occasion with the wind blowing through the branches, creaking boughs and rustling leaves. Clouds cling to your ideas like they cling to mountains, drifting clouds take us to the light. Atmospheric light tends to describe the state of the universe and whole worlds of mountains of a wisdom of light. If we were clouds would we be thinking god's thoughts or just be clouds and god thinking?



Tuesday, September 15, 2020

We are all too human

Nicole Page-Smith 

We are all too human

Clouds are strange. Planetary information and an illusion. The night sky we know to go through the spectrum of light like the rainbow but the sky is not supposed to be this way. The sunset and the sunrise will inform us of a new day and somewhere there will be an indication of the universe. If only we could read the clouds. We are in a phase of the universe known to those who view the sunset. As the planet spins on an axis the Earth goes on a continual cycle but does not go on the imagined circuit more than we know. The clouds tell you where in the universe Earth tends to be. Space time almost warps our understanding and as we view the sunset as beautiful so, will we see our phase of the Earth. Time is our component for understanding and like reading your watch, our fate. God is our light.

Our universe spins like the stars gather and accumulate the matter for us to see them shine. The phase of our universe predicts our future and you know there will be a future because there is a past. Past and future meet but are like the momentary present. We spin as the Earth orbiting around the universe almost in contemplation of ourselves. You feel we are at the end of an elliptical circle and when we turn the corner and travel back to a better place in the universe we will continue through the universe on Earth's pathway. The future and past are not something the universe knows. Matter occurs in an expansion of light. Matter is born. The more matter expands the more it denies itself for matter is the universe and all its expansion, the void. Matter is born of nothing and the nothingness we know as the void. Is the emptiness of space nothing, though? We feel all too human.


Monday, September 14, 2020

The universe does not die

Nicole Page-Smith

The universe does not die

Out of Chaos came the light. Day was born of night and night of day. But, more importantly the universe was born. Fertile life was born out of the darkness. All the planets started to spin and gathered stars. Meteorites collided and asteroids knew no home but the fireworks of the universe, was created. Creation really had a new start out of the void but out of the void creation was made. Green matter of past creation had disappeared. We are reduced to nothing in the naturally destructive primal state but, are born of rock like a molten volcano, out of nothing we will always rise. Does the universe know no other purpose? Are we too human? A bubbly, swampy, mess, bore creation out of the garden in its early stages but beautiful in its early younger planet youth, stars primal beasts and plants were created. All new beginnings have light and a lightness not weighted down by old age or accumulation. Most of all that exists except the universe have a beginning, a middle period and an end. The universe does not die.