Wednesday, December 17, 2014


With the infinite matter at our heart or God, what do we become at death? Infinite matter? To realize spirit and the communication with Heaven takes the process of our hearts infinite matter or the God part to true light. This illumination of spirit is a true transformation of dark matter to infinite matter and the true nature of God. Our spirit ascends at death to God and some experience Heaven on Earth before death, but the celebration of the spirit at death takes you to God's Divine home. A celebration of ascension often occurs before death to communicate the souls passage through stardust to God via the human spirit and this celebration takes the form of ashes on the ground. We look at God for true inspiration for our passage on Earth and may his true light find us. The communication of the spirit is one with God via human beings, a true communication of the spirit and we only communicate with the infinite matter of those people who have spirits with God's true light. Our spirits true light is our true worth and why we experience infinite matter.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Being reptiles in the dust of Earth, what is our finite cycle? Why do we struggle with the cycle of life or the life and death issue? We start off as dust and end up in the dust of Earth as dust, dust to dust. Ash to dust, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, so, what is the message, what does this mean? God has to keep the heart flame alive through the love of the person you marry and through the cycle of life we then die and return to the Earth as dust. If we were to simply die on the ground as reptiles and animals do, in twenty-four hours the process of decay would render us a mere skeleton and with a hot temperature of the Earth, the skeleton would be gently covered in dust, the dust of Earth. Smaller animals would take less time to decay being smaller. Few people find the remains of birds on the ground even though they would die as readily as other creatures and some people think they die in Heaven. The smaller little bodies of small birds would simply disintegrate more quickly and Gods decomposing insects would be able to reduce them to dust more quickly than bigger birds. You may find the skeletons of bigger birds still intact especially in fossilized rock of a certain age and buried under ground. So, in the dust of Earth we are finite for God, a particle of life that has been, dark matter. 

Monday, December 15, 2014


Finite knowledge of God can be a small portion of the understanding of knowledge or just the Earthly awareness of God, not past our head. Most people conceptualize finitude with meaning a limited understanding. Infinite awareness can take you further. So, how do we conceptualize finitude to equal the infinite awareness of God? Simply break the awareness down to a conscious understanding of what we observe. Fractions of the whole is a finite understanding of the infinite, for example, Heaven in the hand can equal a good meal and then we think about all the factors that made the food taste delicious and this would equal God. So, finitude is the base metal that takes us via every cell we are to the infinite awareness of God. Finite awareness of God would start with the break down of our cells, most die and then replace themselves and others simply start to deteriorate. Mostly through cell stress, we are given a certain age to die no matter how healthy we are, our age is required. We are simply a group of cells joined together through gravity and if you had to live out in space you would die sooner. You would start to crumble like an old star in infinite space or the heavens above. Therefore, finitude equals an infinite awareness.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


A finite understanding of ashes also takes you to the infinite awareness of God. We see the star patterns in ashes and these nominate our universe. The infinite variation of God via the star patterns takes your star to God. We comprehend our stars unconsciously with the infinite variation of God in view and this finite understanding we can also achieve consciously with the language of God. When you see the universe on the ground mapped out in front of you, God holds your hand. Patterns nominate your way and so does God. Ashes are what we have to observe to see the stars reflected. The language of star patterns in our hearts tells you your relationship with God and nominating who we are is God's Divine language with you. We can communicate with others this way, too, angel-speak for the blessed. The finite comprehension of infinity is a final resource and everything the universe needs to know about us, these patterns are reflected in our hearts like a language for God. Finite possibility is every atom unto God.


Saturday, December 13, 2014


When you find the infinity of God you have found ashes. The infinity of God is as warm as smouldering ashes in your fireplace or your heart. The warm kindling of ashes in your heart is as warm as the love of God should be. The ceremony of taking your language to God is a sacred one. The infinite space in our hearts takes God through time to find the universe of our love in our hearts. So, the infinite consciousness of God takes you to the stars. The language you need to communicate to God is infinite. When you embrace the infinite idea of God you have embraced the universe. Infinity is ashes. Stars take us to love. When we talk about the language of the infinite, we are bridging the gap and the the time it takes to find God. A conscious awareness of infinity suggests God with an infinite variation of time or the end of the world. God equals love.


Friday, December 12, 2014


So, when the night is covered with darkness and the stars are in full view, talk to God. The philosophy of dreams and the unconscious infinity of God have to be one with one another. Conceptually, God should equal love and be in love with your heart. The point of infinity, the infinity of God and the entrance point of dreams, the dreams you take to heart like a love letter from God is what God wants to equal. What is the infinity of God? The subconscious and where we remember dreams. This Divine reflection of the universe, who we are and who we will become is known in our hearts from birth even if we do not get there. Our goals and dreams of who we want to become are determined by circumstance. Love God to love you in your dreams. Let your dreams find you.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


With the ashes on the ground, God has reduced our life to the forest. Black ashes are needed when sacred service takes you to Heaven with starlight. The black ash of forest green takes your soul to a better place. God ascends your spirit and flying upwards with the birds of love, they acknowledge you as they fly overhead. The sacred star path your journey needs to observe is governed by the night sky and your spirit follows your pathway unto God, you notice this pathway in the ashes. The dance of love is the dance of life. When your soul becomes spirit you reflect God by the star you were born under and your spirit goes to Heaven. We ascend our spirit to the stars and become starlight with a Divine reflection of the Earth. Our spirit keeps travelling until God finds the egress to ascend you to the Heaven in your heart, a place you are informed about before you die. This heavenly resting place in your heart is God's understanding of your love. Stars via the spirit of God take your spirit's ascension to Heaven, a Heaven in the knowing of love.