Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We have arrived at the palace gates in the dead of night and this is where God takes us in the garden, darkness through to light. Sometimes it is as though you are in a horse drawn carriage bound for Count Dracula's castle on a moonlit night, to arrive at midnight in the garden of the heart. Roses are red there with a vial of glass, do not break my heart dear God on a moonlit night for the wolves to traipse over. Howling at the moon keeps the devil somewhere close to Dracula's castle, in the crypt where the coffins are kept for the castle's dead, who look as prosaic as when they are alive, on their stone slab, to rest their head. Some would rest covered in a coffin so the rats would not eat them, especially near fields in the country, where rats forage through the grain, they would have been after the wax in their makeup. It should not be a horror movie to know God in your heart nor wed the virgin maid on her wedded evening night, this dress would be the costume castle members would be buried in for the virginal love of God, to take them to God's garden.

Monday, September 1, 2014


When the pilgrim's journey meets God, the heart meets the spirit. The blood red rose meets the white rose and God is found in Heaven. God wants to take you on a journey through his garden so the spirit can be ascended. The Holy Spirit has many guises, for some a bed of white roses takes you there. The birds give you a blessing in the garden of love and on this wedded day of bliss, the flowers are in full bloom. The heart is in love with God and God takes you by the hand through to the next pilgrimage, a journey via his heart to love, God's ascension to the angels. White roses.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


"The cross stands wound densely round with roses. Who has put roses on the cross? And from the middle springs holy life of threefold rays from a single point." Goethe
Roses are part of Gods celestial wisdom. The bees love honey and take you forth to God. The centre of the rose is where the Holy Scripture lies. Honey is water to God. So, roses are what God produced for his divine honeybees. The bees take the water to God. Roses are white with Gods divine love red when you give them to your wife. God loves you to love his rosebushes to love himself. Love is what God needs you to observe when looking at the roses. Roses.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Demonic powers are not there for general usage. To destroy evil, God has to use strong force. The wheel is in the reverse. This fortune is not forgotten and there is no purpose for evil in God's divine realm. Look from left to right so, Satan does not cross your path. Blinded by starlight turned black earth demons trespass where they are not welcome but God does not let them into the realm of his sacred garden. Love in the garden of Christ is not a place for the devil to frequent, turn the wheel. Darkening of Gods divine wisdom equals death. Death in the garden of Christ is Anti-Christian. Hermetic philosophy did issue forth the devil from you garden, the devil take the devil away and Hell is for demons only. The wheel observed clockwise takes time to meet dark matter and dark Hell to devil's dirty people. How long does it take to be evil, fifteen minutes longer than it takes to be blessed! God does not forgive the seventh evil Sin in Hell. Hell's wheel take the filthy, dirty seven to the devil.

Friday, August 29, 2014


We think about the divine form of man equalling man and our divine geometer equalling God. So, with divine geometry, this appears to be something to measure. Will we ever be able to decipher God and his divine message for us and does he need us to? If we were to measure God's measure of love, is this measurable? Maybe how big is your heart and how deep is your love? If matter were to describe everything we are this would equal the smallest particle of who we are, a simple cell. The nucleus describes who we are and everything we are going to achieve with our love for God. When the spirit becomes matter, at death, we take ourselves to our nominated star and God blesses us in Heaven. The triangle is different shaped in the diameter of your heart and this is Gods divine shape in you, the divine geometry of your heart. Measured by God and the gods at birth with the pathway guided by your star by this rod and measure God wants to show you who you are.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


If we consider the planets revolving around the Sun and the moons around the planets, why do they move? Why do they revolve? What is the purpose of this for God? Mostly it is considered a fact that in space there is a vacuum. Infinite space does not equal a vacuum. Stars move in the vacuum, also. Therefore, one would consider there is a magnetic pull of the Sun and the magnetic pull of the planets would associate the gravitational pull. Mostly if you consider we stand on earth like a magnetic force, you could comprehend a magnetic pull. We are able to walk around freely as the planets are able to move around the Sun but we do have a destined path, the planets are not just moving around at their leisure, they move according to the cycles of the moon. Then out in space we have black holes and these act like a vacuum cleaner, doing Gods divine housekeeping cleaning up the broken down stars. So, the magnet and whirl behave approximately like the Rene Descartes philosophy of the valley and the mountain.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Vampires are apparitions. What are they really, some Gothic horrible movie? Goths were not a particularly appropriate group of people and neither are vampires or creatures of the dead of night. Demons cannot be confused with vampires for they are creatures God has to scare us with if we take his love to Hell. Despite popular vampire movies to the contrary who feed on virgin blood this should not be noted as a horrible movie, men have to get use to women. Will people ever get use to their sexuality and what God provides us with in the heart of our garden? It should not be the apparition your mother made for the party but wedded bliss for the maiden and stars in their eyes for the men.