Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Holy Spirit

Nicole Page-Smith

The Holy Spirit

The spiritual illumination of God and dual understanding of the Holy Spirit is the dove. We carried at peace with God, forth. The relationship between the heart and God or the Spirit and mind is the dove like a messenger. Jesus relationship with God was the hearts understanding of the mind. A spiritual concern is of flight like the dove ascending with the angels upwards takes you to the treetops and the churchyard eves. Clouds know no sin but the hearts matter loves God. The emotion involved in love alters consciousness.

The sound of pigeons flying above your head makes you aware of their presence above you. Your mind travels up with them through the treetops and flies up to the sky. Our relationship with God while on earth between heaven and earth is a matter of the Spirit and with Jesus is the heart. Transcending the mind's Spirit and flying to the heavens with the birds and angels we fly with the dove. Fluttering and wing beats have a spiritual resonance but fly with us through the treetops with the birds. The ecstatic angel of transcendence is like a comprehension of when it rains and the clouds, we float. Floating with clouds and angels, we fly and then are pierced through with overwhelming downpours of the gods. A blessing such as in mythology of the ancients with thunder and lightening takes you with the rain back to earth.

In the Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome, where the Bernini sculpture of Saint Teresa in Ecstasy, resides, the moment of transverberation is interrupted, by an audience almost, viewing from theatre seats or the theatre box of the Cornaro family. Although, not entertainment as such the religious ecstasy is of spiritual significance. We are carried up to the heights of the heavens with the angels but our comprehension is down with the birds and they fly out of our mind to God. Our relationship with God is in flight but of the heart.

Walking back along tree lined avenues, I feel transported.

Trees, birds, birds walking. Walking along with them, flying. Trees, trees becoming leaves and growing through stems. And go wing, to fly with the wind and the birds. Winter birds nests, covered, once, again. Growing leaves, growing through fingers of branches, arms and boughs. Boughs groaning with wind like arms aching in the wind. Rustling leaves, blow. Scrawling, scowling, scribbling winds drawing lines as if through you, bashing against the rain. Clouds, clouds of rain, floating, drifting off and sudden, bursts of sunshine appear behind the clouds, illuminating the clouds, making them glow. Glowing through the clouds you once feel the religious experience of ecstatic angels, beating, their wings beat against you. Birds wet in the rain beating their wings in wild storms, birds but small in the hand of God, the Holy Spirit.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The illumination in the clouds

Nicole Page-Smith

The illuminations in the clouds

Chapter 4.

Ascension angels are those with a golden, arrow. Piercing pain.

Ecstatic angels do ascend up and down. Clouds of ascension are the pain when they should equal the joy. The piercing love of God is ascension.

Clouds of rain equal joy for the birds and the angels. God cries in heaven. The earth smiles when the clouds depart and separate for big peals of sunshine to shine through. Light is exposed in its true light and God feels happier for the brightness. Birds are of a different feathered nature and although part of God prefer trees. Some trees do not lose their leaves in Autumn.

Walking in Autumn sunshine is nicer than walking in the rain. Clouds blow off after rain and sky is clear for all to see. When the sky is blue we are reminded of our inner light and we radiate warmth with the sky. The gods shine forth but, we are illuminated by the night, the stars and the, moon.

The piercing of Gods's love by an angel was an illumination. The golden arrow of the ecstasy of Saint Teresa went straight through to the heart. Angels live in heaven for rainy days and cloud cover.

The spiritual ecstasy and visionary experience of Saint Teresa was an altered consciousness and contemplation of the Holy Spirit. To get to this forgiving of God you would have to allow the light in, the light of consciousness. God is an illumination and an entering in a soul of the golden light of the Sun. The enlightening of transgression is the illumination in the clouds.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

You grow

Nicole Page-Smith

For Ducky

You grow

Stepping on the floor is like a cushioned cloud surface. You would be wondering with cushioned feet if clouds do reside underneath your feet or are somehow attached to your ankles with strappy sandals.

Riding a cloud you manage to find your way towards the Bernini sculpture of The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. 

Sun is pouring through the windows. Church light in windows, Bernini's white marble floats along as if in a cloud. Angels decorate the ceiling and pierce you with a golden arrow. The piercing of ecstasy and ecstatic states would take you to the pain of God's love like the piercing of cupids arrow. Clouds of ecstasy represent the shining rays and a Saint's love. Birds tend to tweet in your branches. 

Ascension light travels through the windows of the churchyard and greets you like the birds on a new day's dawn. Silent are the colours of ascension but as loud as the birds. Birds pass through your forest with the sunlight through the clouds and trees. Sometimes the moody skies forecast the mood of the gods. The light through trees blowing in the wind dapples down to the forest floor. Shadows and light and, the shadow of birds flying overhead take your gaze upward. You feel all church architecture must talk of ascension and you spiral your ideas up the churchyard steeple. Often late afternoon sun through stain glass windows shines with coloured ascension and light. You may notice the shimmering of light on birds and their feathered plumage tells you of their position in the forest. Birds are really in the forest for themselves and to alert other animals of the dangers ahead. Twittering away in resplendent joy after the rain through sound you are taken back to the churchyard and angelic choirs with the sound of organs. Organs and churchyard music have you soar higher with the birds. Flying with angels and birds as though somehow interlinked you glimmer in the light. Light hits your face.

Flying through the forest as if on bird's wing, the wings of birds have you ascending. Flying down to the forest floor to pick up some crumbs left by your lunch you become angel and walking, becoming tree. Rooted in the forest you then think of ascension and your upper leaves are tickled with new growth and shoots. You grow.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Clouds carry you forth

Nicole Page-Smith

Clouds carry you forth

Clouds are.

The ecstatic vision of Saint Teresa was euphoric.

Clouds race on by and as though God and the angels look down and observe us all day long, we carry on as if not observed. Clouds drift. Sun pools shine through.

Light shines. And universes away you feel there is a glimmer of hope. A feather drops to the earth, it was an angel but God thought otherwise and said the angel was a bird. Birds fly away with the clouds. Angels fly out of churches to embrace the morning light, each morning, they fly from people's hearts and birds are an indication of their flight. We do not notice heart angels, either. Fly, light, to God.

Angels are the light of God and fly. When we fly with the angels we are flying with the birds. To view the underbelly of birds in flight while standing and looking at them fly overhead we have almost become the flight of an angel but only in contemplation of the Holy Spirit of God. You can quite often hear the birds twitter overhead, tweeting and chirping they invite you into the forest but do not go into the forest alone, take God with you all around.

Angels of ecstatic worth are a different thing.

Birds fly, flying, soaring to great heights and reside in the treetops or church eves. Quite often the front of churches are vacant, squares.

Soaring with the birds your view travels up the cathedral steeple and down to crumbs left on the ground and you enter the church with a view of ascension.

Clouds carry you forth.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Flying is

William Henry Fox Talbot

Flying is

We enter a realm of heaven. Gods of sleep, imagination and dream are of a similar angel and you can almost imagine them flapping backwards and forwards as they ascend up and down to heaven and back in the evening. God sends you birds. Birds have significance.

In a number of different cultures including Greek and Roman, birds have powerful mythological, association. The eagles fly.

The eagle soars with the Holy Spirit and flies with the birds. Birds fly. And when birds fly off with the mythology of the mind you fly with them, they fly. Flying and flying on the wing glides you through the sleep of angels and, past them, ecstatic angels take you to euphoria.

You wonder. You wonder when you are gliding with the birds as they glide on the currents of the wind, air racing with the clouds, birds flying and gliding, how being so aerodynamic and flying with the angels would feel. Will we ever form wings to fly like the birds?

When God made the world and we came down to Earth through the cosmos were we ever Earthbound?

Angels are the result of God.

God loves the angels. Angels are in love with God.

Birds fly.

We need aerodynamics to fly. Flying like aeroplanes in the sky perhaps one day we will fly. Fly forward, fly with the wind, gliding. Flying is.

Photographs by Nicole Page-Smith

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The elves of Santa Claus

Nicole Page-Smith

The elves of Santa Claus

Chapter 3.

Christ is the reason for spiritual ecstasy. The death of Christ was too severe and barbaric. Spiritual ecstasy reaches a peak of pain almost ten inch nails being driven into Christ's body would have made Christ seek the Lord or pass out. Falling unconscious and the passion of Christ is one kind of spiritual ecstasy. Angelic worth is another. Emotional pain is not included. The golden finch is unto thee. Flight is an angelic idea. 

Flight travels and is upon us. Feathers lined the way all the way to the churchyard. Angels tend to lead where we follow and birds fly on chattering and twittering to God's music where trees are not always their home. Flying on overhead as the day draws to a close and sometimes getting rowdy trying to vie for a position in scarce trees or empty lined rooftops and buildings, nooks and crannies. Angels are of a different worth and tend not to notice us flying on by as if God's divine ascension was not part of our realm, none too human none the less and we fly off with thoughts and are pierced with the golden arrow. Angels do have ecstatic reasons for knowing us. Flying with the angel of every note we hear their ascension through their music. Music is their every being transcended. Candles are lit for the night service and sculptures like people sleep on. Stars twinkle above and the Saint lives on for another day.

Francios Gerard, Sainte Therese (detail), 1827

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa 
(Photograph by David Finn, 1921, National Gallery of Art)

You wonder what sculptures think when they sleep.

Sleeping is something artworks tend to enter and the subliminal unconscious is the realm obtained by artist's imagination. The unconscious. We sleep and dream of another future. God takes you sailing into the consciousness of the brain and we dream. The resting, of the mind is needed by God, otherwise it is a bit noisy in heaven. Angels chatter away to God, organising your future like the elves of Santa Claus.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

On the Cross

Nicole Page-Smith

On the Cross

The visionary euphoria, therefore, experienced by a Saint is like a memory. The memory of God is the euphoria and the ecstasy is the life of the spirit. Ecstatic spiritual euphoria then is a duality. Similarly the spirit, God and the life of a Saint have almost a third dimension, the forth dimension, the reality in time. To live in the present is to live in your angel. Euphoric and ecstatic experience is like the normal high experienced from an exiting or transcendent emotional experience. Naturally to experience, happiness as with the one memory we carry around with us like a well, worn love letter is something lodged as if in another part of the brain. You will find with people who lack memory from any kind of physical, emotional or psychological reason will sometimes recall one moment. If we were to play mind games with ourselves and think about the one very idea needed to describe our whole life, the very thing our life pivots on, this euphoria will suggest the simple unconscious desire to be human. The one moment is then a question of existence and becomes existential. The one moment, a memory and existence of the memory could therefore explain spiritual ecstasy.

Space-time and three-dimensional, ideas in space or the Earth in the present as a projected understanding of time is the duality of memory. Gravitational waves included in a proposed weight almost describe the understanding of Jesus Christ needed to understand the void. The three-dimensional sculpture of the Bernini's The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa similarly describes the void and a blessing of the Saint. The way sculpture falls in space and hangs there like the Earth in history presents the unexplained mysteries of Christ. Christ almost exists in memory of himself on the Cross.