Thursday, August 21, 2014


Christ is the lapis of God. He is the worth of the silver metal. Silver is the Mercury, the quicksilver of God. The blood of Christ is God. Christ ascended his knowledge via his heart on the day of ascension. The star patterns of your heart nominate who you are, God notices this and God is your heart, too, but enters through the God zone, an entry unknown to man but known to his heart, the stars tell us this on our way through the cosmos. The passage through to the fall of man is falling through the universe to earth. We come from God and some by a heavenly route with the stars nominating your pathway. God loves you for this and takes you to his garden. Metals like silver need to be used for the lapis, the lapis of Christ.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Like a fountain of philosophy, the ascension process is the third process of the work, the work of God, nature and the garden. The fiery spirit is ascended and the death is complete for the renewal of your life. Three phases of the work follows the three star patterns of the zodiac nominating three seasons. The Passion takes us to the work and the ascension takes place. A fountain of understanding takes place with nominating the literature and make sure you ask God for the reading list. Certain information does not make sense to the hearts of others and in the garden of God, turn the fountain on, the fountain of love for the birds acknowledge this. The rose garden of love is where your philosophy takes you and choose a rose for him to tell him you love him in the garden so the stars can tell who you are, to tell God you love him with the fountain of love of love in the garden. You are given a pathway through the Heaven on earth.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Rocks do have a life and then expire. Several minerals in the earth are earths deposits of this material and should not be removed by human beings, they are there for a purpose to meet the equilibrium for God. Rocks like old stars explode after time and cause meteorite showers in space and volcanos under the earth, they would be just as hot out there in space otherwise they would not travel to the speed of light. Molten lava spews out of the earth with the volcanic activity and usually cools down quickly depending on the earths temperature at the time and cause more deposits of rock, sometimes causing creators and other times a mountain. For example, Carrara marble use to be under the sea but a volcano would have distributed it through the northern mountain ranges in Italy. This would be why the Tuscan plains would have such fertile soil and companioned food from volcanic ash. The rock and the mineral distribution created by Gods divine hand via Moses would also encourage plant growth. Forests also turn to rock after God has finished with them and this kind of carbonized rock would have a shorter life span but would create very fertile plains for more plant life. Nature would have these by the sea to cool the rock down more quickly. Volcanos are quite prevalent under the sea for other reasons for God and the fishes to know. The water table under the sea and the very reason our planet has an ocean is to keep the waterways flowing for tidal reasons unto the moon. Sulphur is one mineral that sometimes makes its way out of earth deposits, this results in vaporization sometimes accompanied by rock pools and bubbling mud.

Monday, August 18, 2014


If you equate the philosophical egg to the human being, the hardened shell would be the soul, the air sac the spirit, the embryo the womb or capacity to regenerate by reproduction. Hatching out of the egg would happen like the resurrection of the spirit in your early thirties when ascension takes place or when you are taken to God to share your sheltered view. After this death or tearing away of the shell like a veil, all time freezes and the garden of nature is revealed. The garden of the heart by the spirit ascends your love and philosophy of the garden of Christ to the stars. God loves you in the garden of your knowledge you have reserved for him, a book of love. Sometimes mans limited view of earth and lack of knowledge of Gods divine garden is equated to the hardened shell, this opinion God struggles to enlighten people with and crack the egg. Scrambled eggs for breakfast should enlighten the way but not every human being gets God's divine message.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


The combustion of the fire turns to ash. The fire turns to water and God needs you to pay attention to him for the nature of the work. Fire is the star patterns in your heart and God needs you to reflect the star patterns. God has you dance for him, too. Sometimes this is a dance with your loved ones to tell God about who you are. Dancing is a beautiful way of enjoying yourself. Stars tell us this and when you get that feeling to turn the music up load, dance. The reflection of the sky on the ground tell us via our fire spirit when the stars are in Heaven to notice. Notice the stars in Heaven and dance for God. When the fire is combusted the ashes take you to the Lord but the stars in your heart take you through the garden. Stars dance for God. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014


When we have the Trinity we have red, green and yellow. This symbolizes the heart of man born Christ, the growth of man of spirit to take him to God with the Holy Spirit and God the Father as the Sun. We could equate this to the garden if we had red delicious apples that the core fertilized the seed and this was man, the growth of the apple tree and this was spirit, with God being the Sun on the apple tree to encourage growth of more fruit. The tree would eventually die, after several seasons of fruits and some trees live to be one hundred and fifty years old. Fruit trees would not bare fruit forever but would still bare leaves and flowers, a good place for native honey bees to place their hives, this would make a delicious flavoured honey with wild bees. God wants us to be happy so he made honey as sweet as him to take us to Heaven.

Friday, August 15, 2014


The centre of the earth is the One and this is a tenth of the whole. Four times greater than the centre is where you find the work but God does not allow access. We need to observe why God needs us to consider our body in comparison to the earth and the earth to the universe. Where is the centre and where is the globe? The starry centre of our heart takes you there. Through Gods divine centre we find the love of him. The stars tell you where to follow the moon and on which night God wants to take you to Heaven. Four sides reflect the circle like mirrored surfaces you can see those placed there spiritually but maybe you are not part of the triangle only part of the square and the cross nominates the centre. God takes you on a journey of the self to see if you can find his love in the garden. Ask the rosebush.