Friday, November 28, 2014


The night sky shows you the Heavenly way. The night sky is resplendent with stars, these reflect on the ground and all around us. Nocturnal creatures find their way by a night time view of the stars, their pathway is set in the earth to find their way home. During the day you can see who passed through that way and even humans litter the ground with remnants of the night before, nocturnal creatures of habit. The blue sky above shines to us while the star patterns below glisten in nature reflecting the heavenly breath above. The sky shines more brightly from the starlight than nature's Divine reflection of Heaven could show and that is why the sky is blue. With an elevated view of nature, like God with a vista or his room with a view in Heaven, starlight is seen all around you with starlight lighting the way as if someone sprinkled the ground with stars. Elevation for God takes you to Heaven if you climb to a vantage point. This vantage point can also be obtained by spiritual elevation through the heart. When we get to this point, God takes you through Heaven to view the stars at night.