Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Opposing the idea of extinction would be similar to opposing the knowledge of God. If we picked up a handful of earth, we could probably analyse everything we need to observe about the planet, its future and the past history of where it came from originally, the origin of all species and the design of all future species to come but few people like to think clearly or use their brain to its fullest capacity. Why do people tell you that we only use one third of our brain, what do they do with the rest of it? Even if we used one third of the brain's strength and capacity to think, you would get half way there. Half way to God is at least part of the way unto him. So, if we could analyse the history of extinct species like dinosaurs in a handful of earth, what would we be looking for? Mainly no bone remnants would be available, few species of plants they consumed would be still noticeable and what does dirt consist of? The whole history of the planet would be found in a handful of dirt. If we carbon date Earth, we will find out where we came from. So, why are people too scared to do this? Fear of the unknown is fear of the self and fear of the self is fear of God with the unconscious fear of infinity putting us in doubt, so, are we afraid of time, the infinite, God or ourselves with God's knowledge? Maybe we just have a fear of extinction.