Saturday, November 29, 2014


With the ground covered with stars, we are blinded by God's light and this lights up your heavenly view as you walk down your pathway. The view of nature sent by Spring rain makes the ground flourish with wild flowers and the resplendent view of colours sets your heart ablaze. Walking along your pathway, stars light up your view to the treetops and glistens in starlight from the Sun. The flowering cover of the ground reflects Heaven and flowers are the grace of God, the universe tells you about love this way on your pathway unto him. The stars sprinkled on your pathway take you via the flowers in your heart through God. A forward glance takes you through nature to observe, for God. The rain takes you closer to the view of the stars with the sparkle of nature all around and when the rain has stopped, glistening raindrops are reminiscent of your starlit path. Stars guide the way to Heaven.