Saturday, November 15, 2014


When we consider other moonscapes, for example, Gian Domenico Cassinin's original drawings of the moon from 1671-1679, using the artists Sebastien Leclerc and Jean Patigny, there is a delicate surface to be observed and this reminds you of passing solar activity. In your heart and mind's eye you feel the moon has been weathered by passing solar winds, the odd asteroid shower, accumulation of cosmic dust and other general hazards of age out there in outer space. The lunar light of the moon seems to take our heart on a journey elsewhere, though, to the point where drawing the moon feels at odds with our senses. What is the moon telling our hearts? The moon makes us aware of the other planets and activities in the universe with something frightening about the age of the solar system on offer. Maybe the unknown factor takes our hearts to the infinity of God and only when you are ready will God let you trespass. Walking on the moon seems totally unnecessary to the understanding of what God is trying to teach us. Will our hearts ever lead us to who we are? Looking at nature, you feel like God via the universe is trying to spell it out to us with the patterns of the moon but we are not being the intelligent human beings God needs us to be, to figure out why we are God's divine science project. Will we ever get there?