Wednesday, November 26, 2014


If we look at the realm of Hell and all the Divine creatures that are placed all the way down your pathway to the entrance through Paradise or exit through Satan's last door, Hell's Gate, what are these gods for? Why is this place Hell for some people and Heaven for others with gods for the blessed and devils for the Sinners? Probably, just to teach us about ourselves through God's Divine journey with his human race. The Divine creatures or gods represent part of your psyche and how we react to God's Divine passage to is to test our strength. The unconscious for some people includes your personality demons or what lies unearthed in the psyche, with others the unconscious is the infinity to God and the gateway to Paradise, Heaven. So, if we walk forwards through a Paradise through Heaven and only see Heaven on Earth, this is a Divine passage where the gateway would equal the garden gate. We walk on by the people in Hell as Evil is not our pathway and Evil people only seem to take you through Hell. Sacred information is only for the blessed to see the ground you walk on taking your steps through Heaven.