Friday, November 14, 2014


Does the moon have water? The shadows of the moon do appear to be hollow craters or valleys that feel empty but you feel for the surface to have such deep valleys, water must have been present on the moon, once. Perhaps the moon is older than the Earth. The surface of the moon looks colder than Earth with the more than likely explanation being, the moon is more in shadow of the Earth than the Earth is in shadow of the Sun. It is a perplexing question to ask yourself, how old are all the other planets and moons to one another? Like Ancient Greek sculpture, you can tell the age of the sculpture even with war heros trophied pieces that have since lived at the bottom of the sea, most were too heavy for the ship's passage. If you wanted to chart the history of the universe, I am sure it would be this easy. So, the surface of the moon does have a history and could be noted quite easily from Earth using maps. The moon has been noted in various stages of history and with these judged by many experts in the field of mapping the moon, an equation could be made as to the changes of the surface texture. Many stages in the history of moon mapping have different maps been drawn, almost appearing like the moon was drawn from the imagination rather than through a telescope. Do we have an inner understanding of the history of the moon or does it have an inner understanding of us? Our moods, like the cycles of the body, are all tied in with the cycles of the moon to give you the idea of our lives being governed by some philosophy, not only more ancient than humans, but older than planet Earth. When did we acquire the moon?