Thursday, November 13, 2014


So, if we think about the flow of a river and where it meanders to, why does the course change? Well, if we think about the clouds in the sky, why do the forms change? Yes, we do simply have a change of wind direction that is seasonal but why is this? We do have a change in the direction of the wind on the poles, North and South because the Earth spins on an axis and journeys around the Sun, getting cooler in Winter when we are far away from the Sun and the winds are warmer in Summer when we are closer to the Sun. The seasonal change of direction comes from polar changes. Therefore, if we have a causeway on a flat expanse of ground the river direction is going to follow the pattern of the winds. To map wind is to map ground, so, to map the universe is to map your heart, we are attracted to the magnetic force of the planets like you are attracted to your loved one because of the magnetic pull of the heart. Ask God the address.