Sunday, November 23, 2014


With the dark earth we find dark matter and here we have a possibility. This possibility for a future species takes God to dark matter, like the beginning of the creation of the world, where the Earth darkened for a day and out of the flames sprang life. Some forest trees need a bushfire to propagate and after the earth has blackened with ashes, plants spring back to life while trees produce flowers. The seedpods have such a hard casing that germination will only happen when they are prized open with the heat of the flames of a severe bushfire, then the native bush recreates itself with the next generation of trees keeping the species going. Species of trees have been able to modify their behaving to suit the environment and this happens genetically where the strongest species survives. Certain modifications with the same species have one genetic code survive while the others die, especially under extreme conditions of death, destruction and disease, so, this is why God needs there to be variations in the same species or a species is completely wiped out with one destructive element. In the evolution of the species of plants several have adapted to their environment to survive devastation and the end of their species. Mutations that occur genetically cause the variations God needs for a species to survive through natural selection. Extinction can be necessary to God, so, other species can continue to grow.