Friday, November 21, 2014


When looking at the ground in a darkened room we see the light of God illuminating the floor and we take this outside, the ground is continually illuminated by an unknown source or the infinite. With the darkest shadow on the ground we still see God's true light, so, how is this? All you are probably looking at for the Earth to be blackened in shadow is dirt but you would still see this place. God is all around and everyone and everything, so, what illuminates the ground? Our heart, God's love, the stars or light reflected from everywhere? The ground is similar in dark space and just as infinite in the variation of possibility. So, what is the probability of God out there? God would be everywhere, too, and matter would be finite. Therefore, why do species and stars become extinct? Because we are factors of the whole and there is a finite ending. Time is endless and so is God infinite. Therefore, time is God.