Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The centre of the Earth would feel like molten rock that is one day going to explode like a volcano or at least the world is going to end. We seem to hold this knowledge in our hearts and every cell in our body describes this to God, matter disintegrates into dark matter, the dark matter of the heart. If you find God's love in your heart, then you ascend yourself to him, ashes. The water table and pockets of starlight will smoulder quietly in the Earth like ventricles in your heart experiencing the true love of God. When the matter of Earth will disintegrate at the end of time we will just be a vague memory in cosmic dust. God needs us to contemplate why he was placed in our hearts with the love of God equalling your starlight. When you go to God in your heart, what does he look like? The universe. The stars are God and God reflects this in Heaven. With the centre of the universe equalling molten rock like a hot molten flow is like the centre of your heart equalling God via the stars and the entrance to the universe is via the centre of the Earth but also via the centre of your heart with this place God finds you at death to take you to Heaven by your entrance point. The Heaven in our hearts equals dark matter to God and we are taken to the place already known in our hearts to observe so, we know where to find Heaven at death, God lead us there. Dark matter at the centre of the universe is our entrance to the divine reflection of God and where we find the other seven entrance points through the universe, this place takes us back to Earth.