Monday, December 1, 2014


When we continue on down our pathway, we find other pathways to follow, God has the plan and we have to follow, avoid the Devil's tricks. The pathway is well lit but avoid bright lights and the dark. The wooded path is to be avoided at night for rear of wolves in the dark. Avoid the full Sun at midday for God had another plan. Animals sleep during the day and often hunt at dusk or during the evening, so, be wary of the night and hence why it is safest for humans to sleep at night. Humans and animals use to share the same cave, for daytime sleep for the animals and night habitation for the humans with the occasional overlap not being welcome. Before humans travelled frequently, they rarely crossed each pathway set by God. The pathway you cross of another usually leads somewhere and everybody has a set pathway. So, make sure the company you keep has a safe passage. The ground temperature is the test and God makes sure you have feet.