Thursday, November 6, 2014


When the monkey is on the dragon's back, the Northern Hemisphere is in a different quarter of the moon and the stellar constellations will be noticed in other places in the night sky. Some zodiac star patterns look closer than previously viewed and others look further away as we spin on an axis around the Sun. When the bear constellation is in the east of the Northern sky we are further away from the Sun and the serpent slithers somewhere. Other animals seen in the sky nominate an Earth bound equation and are not part of the zodiac but part of mythology. The scorpion zodiac seen below the equator in reflection would nominate a Christian occurrence observed in biblical times and this would not be visible that frequently because of the planetary line-up. Most of the view of other biblical figures in the bible, including Saints, would be only visible on the other side of the globe or Earth in this terrestrial hemisphere, not in the Northern sky. Leo the lion would be making a bold appearance next to the Scorpio constellation to the east and to the west you would be able to view Aries the ram star pattern, this would mean a darkened quarter of the moon was visible.