Saturday, November 22, 2014


In the forest there are several levels of planetary information for God to tell us where we are from, why we are here and anything else we need to observe about the universe. This comes from the patterns in nature not only physical patterns but behavioural patterns. The balance and ecology of the forest is delicate with human intervention not welcome by God, this is similar out there in the universe, in infinite space. With symmetrical patterns that house God in nature's patterns, you feel God has a bigger message than we comprehend in our hearts, maybe it is the asymmetry that we have to notice for the difference. We can mathematically equate difference but not symmetry. So, the divine plan of the forest equals God and the symmetry of the universe equals the symmetry of the forest with infinite possibility. The variation is where the problem lies, at the bottom of the forest. This place carries the remnants of the forest that decompose down into the ground and that make the ground soil fertile for the forest trees. There the patterns of variation occur and you can observe any problems the forest may have had in a heavy season of rain, for example. Variation equals difference.