Tuesday, November 11, 2014


With the centre of the Earth equalling the centre of the universe we find dark matter and the Sun shines brightly on you. There are several layers of dark matter like the circles of Hell for the Evil and the layers of matter for the blessed. For example, earth goes down to the first water table and then we find rock. The general understanding is, Hell remains under foot, for example, the temperature of the Earth or the Earth's crust. For the Evil, Hell extend's to Satan's door or to the centre of the Earth and for the blessed we find God in dark matter or as a divine reflection, all the way down to the entry point. So, with this in mind, the Earth is like a heart map where the centre is God for the blessed and Satan for the Evil, here, depending on who your are, is where you find either Heaven or Hell. This entry to the universe is God and for the sinners the last exit. With our heart equalling dark matter, in the core, God wants us to find ourselves. Out in the universe, in dark space, God has a message and this we find in dark matter. We see our divine reflection in the centre of our hearts and the divine light shines back at us. Dark matter defies the reflection of starlight. In Heaven we are only to see the face of God. When the Creation of the world happened, God had a plan and we had to follow it, so, for the blessed dark matter takes us to stardust. So, with the Holy time of year and the Christian calendar in view, the Holy Spirit would be Jesus and his spirit would fly unto the Lord. The angels in the Heaven above would be seen closer to the Sun. The stars above would be seen circling the zodiacs and the Sun would shine above with the moon appearing at night as a reflection of the Sun. As we reach the centre of the Earth, the Earth becomes warmer and is cooled by molten gases. These are what form rocks in a higher level through carbonization and hence we have mineral deposits not supposed to be touched by man, fossils can be found at a later stage of development embedded in rock and this is where God wants us to be aware of our past to be observant of what happened. Our universe is God through to the core and dark matter equals our love affair with knowledge.