Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Ashes take you to the place you know in your heart to ascend you to the stars. God knows you in Heaven. Stars are what we are made of and God planted the seed in Heaven. We are all heavenly sent unto the Lord above and stars light the way. Meditate on the stars for God. Heightened consciousness takes you to God via the stars and we see these on the ground lighting up our pathway. Our pathway to God is written in the stars. Levitate some day up to God and tell him your star pattern is for him with love, a love letter in the sky for him to read. In heightened states of awareness we find God in a consciousness of Heaven and infinity, infinity is God, God is Heaven, while there, we are taken to his infinity in the stars. Finite understandings of Earth take us to God, too. Ashes take you to Heaven.