Monday, November 17, 2014


You wonder how many universes the Sun lights up. The Sun feels like a Divine reflection of itself and a mirror image of God. The universe appears to reflect itself with the other seven universes and this reflects God. The Sun is the capacity and the mirror is the end. The universe tells us where to find love. If we look at the mirror we see the end. The Sun is God for capacity and God tells us where to find him. The universe is reflected in itself for infinity and for God with the Sun shining our way. So, the Sun and the moon have a similar function, to reflect God in all his capacity and glory. The seven universes are the seven Heavens and reflect Divine light. They do reflect the self and God tries to enlighten our human brain about his beauty in nature, all around us glistening in the Sun. The Sun is in memory of the moon and the stars all around celebrate God, God loves the stars to reflect him. The seventh Heaven of God is where you will find the Sun.