Friday, October 31, 2014


For those who consider the universe to equal the planets in their stratosphere and their cycle observed from Earth, they would feel the influence of these planets cycle in their lives with this as their focus. Three cycles would equal three planets and three occurrences from the heart. The third line of the meridian would take you to the God point and this would be your egress, Gods divine address or Heaven. When you take the planetary guide into the third phase of yourself, you look three ways in the mirror and find the third entry point. The third planet's eclipse of your heart takes you to God and there are three ways to God with three planets as your guide with the third eclipse taking you to Heaven. Three phases of the heart with three planets in view would feel like the Holy Trinity with God's entry to Heaven taking the bird's wing, the connection point to love. Three phases of life equalling three phases of being would equal God through the planets. Mars would equal Mars the god of war with the violent, unruly reflection of the spirit via abject emotions. Saturn, the god of generation and time would take your spirit to God, at death. God is time and Jupiter is the god of the sky, Jove, the Lord above or God the father. Three cycles of the planets, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, are needed for your heart to understand God, your position on planet Earth and your heart's cycle in the universe.