Saturday, April 12, 2014


Andrea del Sarto made a visit to the Pitti Palace blessed by angels. With the painting Annunciation, 1528, mother Mary is given a message by an angel sent by God. His angelic wings of the angels closest to God feel like his earthly presence would appear more of the colours of ascendency than have a human countenance but this would be Gods communication to the Virgin Mary's heart. The garden of the heart would feel Gods message and be taken to Heaven there. Angels of God only appear when the divinity of the Holy divine has the most angelic purpose. The angel is human. Christ was sent to us by God to understand the love the angels place in our hearts and why God is love. Love takes you to Heaven and God takes you to love via the angels wing. The orange colour Andrea del Sarto gave his angel in this painting nominates his ranking. God love the angels who love God.