Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Cosimo Tura is lacewing to the heart with The Madonna of the Zodiac, c. 1459-1463, at the Accademia of Venice. Christ asleep is beautifully rendered with a graphic quality that takes you through divine circles to speak divinity through the heart, one feels angelic threads of Gods love through his brushwork. His foot almost enters Heaven and the royal cloth the Virgin wears takes you further to Gods domain. The goldfinch on the grapes behind would talk about the crucifixion, the passion of Christ and takes you right through to the heart of man via the threads of divine fate to the Saviour, our Lord. The Christian calendar is of importance to Cosimo Tura or the planetary reference to the zodiac. Other paintings such as the panels from the organ of the Ferrara Cathedral representing St. George and the Princess along with the Annunciation also appear to take you right through to the heart of God and man with the usage of red. A red bridal for St. George's horse and strange red threads dangle down in the background of the Annunciation from a squirrel in the roof beam. Both seem to hook you through to the vascular regions of your heart. The Madonna of the Zodiac with reference to Gods love also holds your heart.