Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Adam and Eve participate in the Holy divine with Durer. The 1504 print of the same name speaks of divinity and even the serpent god nor python in the tree wears a crown of the Holy divine order of Christ. A sacred serpent. The Holy forest contains mystical creatures usually found in the Black Forest by male Black Knights, there is another famous print about this place too. This corner of the Holy divine region of the heart more than likely about Durer in his drawing studio or study, appears to refer to what he had for dinner and the family pet, obviously his night time ascension involved his print work as a form of study of God. Cattle, deer, rabbits and snakes would be found in most German forests and maybe he never went to one but premise seem to be referring more to his sensuality. There are bears who live in the forest but would not like the smell of humans more the taste of honey. The Eve in Durer's print of Adam and Eve appears to be giving the serpent a feed of the golden fruit, this is all snakes would be naturally interested in, the sweet sap out of a tree to come down and drink. I am imagining the biblical story about Adam and Eve gets all too sexual for most men who read the book let alone Christian men from Durer's time reading the bible after dinner. Not that we have missed out on a divine understanding of the goddess in this extraordinary masterpiece. Adam in the print does look as though instruction about the golden fruit is necessary, the message from God.