Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Once again with the born angel Antonello, an angel of mercy to Messina where he lay, we have his unfinished Cristo morto sostenuto dagli angeli, c. 1475, Museo Correr, Venezia, of angelic worth. You feel he could not get to finishing this painting while still with us, perhaps he took it to Heaven with him upon his death. Continuing the duty of the angel of mercy, almost the opposite extreme of Dantesque Hell, so no divan redemption for life's punishments simply a divine grace for the Lord. The nomination of three gracing angels to take his soul to Heaven while Christ lay death in the crypt, would be too sweet for anyone. The painting almost looks contemporary, unfinished, as though the three angels and Christ are all of nominated angelic worth to God. Ephemeral with angelic duty as you would imagine most people do not see angels walking amongst them, even though they do. Most artists who nominate Christ in their artwork do feel they have led the life unto him and premise God by the Holy divine angelic order of Christ or Christian philosophy in the first Testament unto him. Upon viewing the painting you feel yourself dissolve unto him and humans would want to hide in the crypt. This beautiful angel takes you unto God. God have mercy on the angel of mercy. Angel wings to the angels.