Monday, April 7, 2014


La Belle Ferroniere, c. 1490-1496, by Leonardo da Vinci makes a trip to the Louvre Museum feel like it was blessed by angels. The divine goddess dressed in her extraordinarily beautiful dress is a tribute to her sensual beauty. The ruby worn on her head as a decorative piece of jewellery nominates her worth. There is genial proportions in this contribution from the earth gods, to make us feel aware of more than one hand being involved in the process. The goddess stares out of the canvas as if observing her lover. You do feel once again the artist is communicating an unconscious message about himself and his own sexuality. The luscious velvet cloth, the goddess wears, is not only to encourage her beauty nor her wealth but to give all her finest attributes there maximum value. The goddess within is addressed here to the point of feeling the love of God.