Saturday, April 26, 2014


We are taken on another spiritual pathway with Francisco de Zurbaran and his still lives. The painting A Cup of Water and a Rose, c. 1630, of the Spanish Baroque tradition is now currently housed at the National Gallery in London. This divine painting is an offering of Zurbaran's heart through God. The divine silverware and porcelain cup are sacred, the rose is to nominate God. Upon view, this painting is from the Holy order of the divine sacrament of Christ through God to Christ and for some people to the heart of a woman, God bless their wives and the goddess, the Virgin Mary. The rose would equal the heart of God. Philosophy from the early mystic philosophy where study of divine planetary from travelling Christians on a Christian pilgrimage through Spain would have been an influence. Vanitas was a divine message to God of the order of Christ. The still life tradition of Baroque Spain nominates the worth of the Holy, something still celebrated in Spain over Easter. A Holy week is in honor of God.